Sepia Saturday

This week’s prompt about writing letters, a favorite activity of mine still in this day of email, led me to this charming photo from Flickr Commons, British National Library.


13 comments on “Sepia Saturday”

  1. I really like this photo!


  2. Charming indeed, and with lots of interesting details.


  3. Nice to see a completely different take on the topic.


  4. What a sweet photograph, and different. Thank you for sharing!


  5. A suitable choice for this weekend’s theme. I imagine she has paused while thinking for just the right word.


  6. Such a great photo. Look at all that paraphenalia to write a letter. I remember when I was a child I became fascinated with wax seals on letters. Did you ever try that?


  7. She looks deep in thought! A lovely photo!


  8. I love that photo. It really depicts what an art letter writing once was.


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