Sepia Saturday

19th century Japanese Barbershop, Flickr Commons

sepia sat

This week’s Sepia Saturday prompt takes us to the barbershop or beauty salon.

Some other bloggers have offered good interpretations. Take a look at:

13 comments on “Sepia Saturday”

  1. Reblogged this on Here & Abroad and commented:

    An old Japanese barbershop. One barber looks like he’s hunting for lice.


  2. Such an amazing photo. Thanks for contributing such an excellent find 🙂


  3. Great photo – certainly looks like a nit hunt.


  4. A very interesting photo. I haven’t seen anything like this before!


  5. I thought of lice as well!


  6. Traveling through Asia we’ve seen a lot of barbering done outside. In places like Laos, Cambodia..even in Vietnam. Not in Japan of course where grooming seems far more sophisticated than most places in the world. I like the colors and the people, who seem almost posed. I didn’t realize everyone (men and women)wore those raised sole sandals to keep their feet clean and dry.


  7. It would appear that barbers shops are the same the whole world over. Great old photograph.


  8. With those hair cuts, it looks like a regular activity…hope the top is shaved and not plucked!


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